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What is ‘Fasting’?

‘Fasting’ is a program for those who have the desire to be ‘healthy’ and ‘beautiful’.


Fasting is one of many methods people use to improve health. Most people think fasting means ‘not eating’, which is simply not true. Our fasting program is not one that suddenly deprives a person from eating 3 meals a day, but follows a ‘healthy regimen’ that allows the body to gradually adapt, taking in vitamins and minerals through vegetable juices and food supplements.

Fasting Mechanism

The food we eat is absorbed as it passes through the digestive system, such as the stomach and intestines. Taking in nutrients from meals is a process that is necessary for sustaining life. Snacking in between meals puts more burden on the digestive system. Fasting gives the body a break from this burden by eliminating the intake of solid foods. It is also known that fasting is effective for detoxifying the body of waste.

Being healthy without eating

It is known that humans have the natural ability to endure hunger. In the past, getting food required a lot of work. Only recently has food become readily available. Now modern man is said to eat too much. Why not regain your health by giving your digestive system a rest?

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Effectiveness of Fasting

Experience a beautiful new you along with a renewed sense of physical and mental well-being through this cleansing program.

Beauty effective

Improves blood circulation and skin. Great for women!

Effective for detoxification

Increases the body’s natural defenses

Reduces waste in the body resulting from overeating and improves the body’s power to heal itself

Increases metabolism

Burns fat

Improves immunity

Effective for relaxation

Increases α-waves in the brain to improve relaxation

Many stay at Healthpia for the purpose of dieting and achieving beauty/health. The following are comments from those who have participated in the Fasting Program.

We hear many say that they were surprised to experience a change they never expected.
Many guests leave the Program feeling relaxed with calm expressions compared to when they first arrive.

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The program is recommended for:

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Physician (Advisor)

photo:Yasuhiro Kanemasa M.D.

Yasuhiro Kanemasa M.D.
Advisor, Healthpia Kurashiki
Kake Educational Institution

Curriculum Vitae 1951 Graduated Okayama University Medical School
1973 Professor, Okayama University Medical School
1985 Director of Administration, Okayama University Medical School
1992 Professor Emeritus, Okayama University
1992~1996 Dean, Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Okayama Prefectural University
1997~2001 Principal, Tamano Institute of Health and Human Services
Distinguished Recognition The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon
Awards Sanyo Newspaper Award (Academic Category)
Miki Commemorative Award (International Contribution)
Okayama Prefecture Culture Award (Academic Area)

If you wish to make reservations or have questions about Fasting

TEL:+81-092-286-7745 (am 9:00~pm 5:00) *Calls will be forwarded through a translator.

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