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About our meals

About our carrot juice:

Photo: carrot juice

The carrots used in our Fasting Program are fresh organic carrots picked just before they are served as juice. One serving of juice per meal is 500cc; or 1.3 kg of whole carrots. The fiber is eliminated so the juice is smooth and flavored with a bit of apple juice to improve the flavor for drinking. Participants are surprised at its sweet and fruity taste and is said to be popular even amongst those who normally dislike carrots.

What is taken with the juice…

Photo: lemon-pickled, salt and pepper, roasted green tea, miso soup

The dining hall has lemons, pickled plums, sesame salt and roasted green tea available; all of which can be taken freely with the carrot juice. Adding a small amount of lemon to the carrot juice will allow a slightly tart flavor that can be a pleasant change in taste. Pickled plum and sesame salt are recommended to supplement the salt that can be deprived during Fasting.

Miso soup will be served in between the morning and afternoon carrot juice. It will be a light soup, but the tasty broth will allow a satisfying taste that enhances its natural flavors.

Supplemental Meals (water-thin rice porridge)

Photo: predation (thin gruel menu)

Supplemental meals are provided towards the end of the Program so that the body gets re-accustomed to solid food. Supplemental meals start with water-thin rice porridge.

{Water-thin Rice Porridge Menu}
Water-thin brown rice porridge, grated white radish (*1)・Miso soup (broth only*2)・Pickled plum
*2nd meal (4 nights/5 days program) includes white radish with dried fish
*2nd meal (4 nights/5 days program) includes miso soup with other ingredients
Many guests have mentioned that their palate becomes sensitive by this time and the taste of foods are enjoyed to their fullest after their bodies are refreshed by the Program.

Supplemental Meals (rice porridge)

Photo: predation (rice porridge menu)

After the water-thin rice porridge menu comes the regular rice porridge menu.
*Porridge menus are for courses that are 3 nights 4 days and over.

{Porridge Menu}
Brown rice porridge, tofu in boiled water, boiled spinach, fermented beans (‘Natto’), grated white radish (with dried fish), miso soup, pickled vegetables
*2nd meal for 5 nights / 6 days program Brown rice porridge, tofu in boiled water, salad, black beans, miso soup, pickled vegetables, fruit

Regular Meal

Photo: Seishoku

Courses that are 5 nights / 6 days and over end with a Regular Meal.
The meal is prepared so that it is very close to what is normally eaten daily.

{Regular Meal}
Brown rice, broiled fish, tofu in boiled water, salad, black beans, miso soup, pickled vegetables, fruit

Foods available in the rooms

Photo: room of equipped food

Ginger tea, tea, English tea, brown sugar, and salt are available in the rooms at all times and can be enjoyed anytime. Ginger and brown sugar mixed in English tea is a drink that is highly recommended! Ginger tea not only warms the body, but also increases metabolism and helps rid waste, making it an effective drink during fasting.

English tea and brown sugar are sold at Healthpia. For details, see below.

If you wish to make reservations or have questions about Fasting

TEL:+81-092-286-7745 (am 9:00~pm 5:00) *Calls will be forwarded through a translator.

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