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Basic Policy

Healthpia Kurashiki (hereinafter 'Healthpia') understands that the protection of personal information is of utmost importance and believes that it is our responsibility to handle personal information under proper and secure management conditions.
Healthpia will abide by the laws concerning personal information and will serve to treat personal information in proper form.

  1. In the case of gathering, using, providing personal information, Healthpia will state the purpose and will gain consent beforehand.
  2. Healthpia will keep personal information under proper management and will prevent illegal access/loss/tampering/leakage of private information as well as regularly revising these policies.
  3. Healthpia will comply with the laws and other standards involving personal information.
  4. Healthpia will implement a Personal Information Compliance Program for all of its employees and review/revise its contents on a regular basis.

June 1, 2016
Healthpia Kurashiki, Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts
General Supervisor Motomichi Ishii

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Treatment of Personal Information

1. Limit of Application

The Privacy Policy will go into effect when guests stay at Healthpia for the purpose of participating in the Fasting Program.

2. Purpose for Personal Information

Personal information of guests will be used for the following purpose:

  1. (1) Reservation of stay, banquets, restaurants, all other services and the safety of guests at Healthpia.
  2. (2) Providing and management of service, products, events, notices regarding campaigns at Healthpia.
  3. (3) Providing questionnaires regarding service and products at Healthpia.
  4. (4) Developing new services at Healthpia.
  5. (5) All business from (1)-(4) as stated above.
  6. (6) All business related to service/products at Healthpia.
  7. (7) Service/products/all types of events/campaigns and its notices and all other information provided by Healthpia.
  8. (8) Answers to questions and requests.

3. Obtaining Private Information

Obtaining personal information of guests will be done through a fair and proper method.

4. Releasing/providing information to a third party

Healthpia will not disclose/provide personal information to a third party other than for reasons stated below.
Note that outsourcing companies or cases involving joint use will not be considered disclosing/providing information to a third party.

  1. (1) When there is personal consent from the guest him/herself.
  2. (2) If disclosing/providing information is required by la.
  3. (3) If it involves the protection of a person's life, body, or property yet is difficult to obtain direct consent from the guest him/herself.
  4. (4) If obtaining consent from the guest should cause administrative problems when having to cooperate with public administration involving the nation or local public authorities.
  5. (5) When providing information, first
    1. (a) Make sure that the purpose is to provide information to a third party.
    2. (b) If it is a provision that is to be provided to a third party as personal data.
    3. (c) If it is a method or means of providing the information to a third party.
    4. (d) If the person him/herself is notified per his/her own request that act of providing personal data to a third party should be stopped, or if the person him/herself places the information where it can be easily disclosed or if the person, per his/her request, stops providing information to a third party.
  6. (6) When information must be disclosed/provided when such information as statistical data cannot distinguish the person.

5. Outsourcing

Healthpia will partially outsource business and will provide limited information to outsourcing companies. Contracts regarding handling of information will be signed between the parties together with the promise for proper supervision.

6. Management of Personal Information

Proper management of personal information will be provided and utmost caution will be taken to prevent such problems as leakage, loss, and tampering. Employees are educated to properly secure and handle personal information of guests.

7. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Addition, Cancelation of Use, Elimination

The following is possible for the guest with regards personal data kept by Healthpia

  1. (1) Disclosure, (2) Correction, deletion, or (3) Cancelation of use and request for elimination will be done at a practical time within appropriate limits after the guest provides proper identification of him/herself.
    However, part or all of the request can be denied if it involves the protection of a third party's life, health, property; is liable to interfere with the facility's business; or is against the law.
  2. (1) Will work to disclose information.
  3. (2) Correction, deletion, and addition will be done after investigation of the contents.
  4. (3) Cancelation or elimination will take place.
    Note however, that proper service towards requests may no longer be available in the case of cancelation or elimination of information.

8. Regarding Method of Request for Disclosure or Information

The method below explains how guests can make the request as mentioned in the previous article or how they can get information on filed personal data.
However, note that requests can be denied if the guest does not have personal identification (or a representative having identification depending on the situation).

  1. (1) Contact for information
    Contact the following for questions regarding personal information.
    4141 Nishinoura, Tsurajima-cho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken 712-8001 Japan
    Kurashiki University of Science
    Healthpia Kurashiki Fasting Program
    TEL +81-092-286-7745 (*Calls will be forwarded through a translator.)
    FAX 086-444-0886
    Open hours: 9:00-17:00 Monday-Friday (Excluding national, summer, and end/beginning of the year holidays)

9. Use or Change of Private Policy

This private policy explains about the handling of personal information of guests at Healthpia. Those using the service/products at Healthpia are believed to have thoroughly understood and approved of its private policy. Note that the contents of this private policy of Healthpia may change at any time.

End (June 1, 2016)

If you wish to make reservations or have questions about Fasting

TEL:+81-092-286-7745 (am 9:00~pm 5:00) *Calls will be forwarded through a translator.

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