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Is fasting effective even if it is done just one time?

There is a difference when the body is cleansed by removing accumulated waste opposed to not making the effort to do so. However, it will not result in quitting certain medication, complete recovery of the body or a change in the fundamental improvement of one’s physical constitution. Regular fasting can bring effective results though it does not have to be done too frequently. Just because the fasting program is over, it does not mean that it would be best to go back to your regular routine. It is best, however, that an improved diet be implemented in daily life as well.

What should we be careful of when fasting?

Controlling one’s diet is important during fasting, but the period when taking supplemental meals is even more important. The period of supplemental meals serves to train the digestive system to go back to a normal diet after a period of rest during the Fasting Program. This is important yet is also very difficult. A person can have health problems if not properly going through the supplemental meal process. Most importantly, ignoring the supplemental meal process can lead to ‘re-bound’ where the person quickly goes back to bad dietary habits.

Can you lose weight from fasting?

Weight-loss from fasting depends on the individual. Those who are conscious about their daily food intake or at their ideal weight may not experience losing as much as expected. Past female participants lost an average of 2 kg when on a 2 nights 3 days fasting program. A 60 yr. old male participant lost 3 kg in 3 nights 4 days, while another male participant in his late 30’s lost 7 kg during a 4 nights 5 days program. Of course, there were others whose weight hardly changed at all.

I am worried that I will not be able to tolerate hunger.

It is not as hard as you think. It is not complete fasting, as you will drink 500 cc of carrot juice per meal which amounts to a total of 1500 cc per day. Very few participants have complained about hunger.

My determination is weak. Do you think I can make it?

Unlike being at home where you may ‘happen to eat something’ or think ‘I quit today’, your time will be spent according to schedule which will not allow this. In fact, this would be a program that would be recommended for people with weak determination.

Who should not participate in the Fasting Program?

The following people should refrain from fasting:

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I am prone to constipation and am worried that it will get worse.

We have never had guests who complained that their constipation got worse or had problems with health due to constipation because fasting allows the digestive system to take a rest and reset itself. We hardly hear any comments concerning this from previous guests.

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Q&A about Staying at Healthpia

Will I be bored during my stay?

There are several activities such as sightseeing, visiting the Radon spa and exercise classes that are scheduled throughout the program. We seldom hear of guests being bored because they can exercise or are free to take walks and relax at their own pace. Many have mentioned their surprise at how fast time had passed. In addition to scheduled activities, there are various optional programs available. Click ‘What to do in my free time’ for more information.

Is the Fasting Program also available to men?

Yes. We have programs that are open to both men and women.
Packaged carrot juice can be taken to enjoy an all-day game of golf. We can introduce you to our affiliated golf course.

What are the health benefits if my schedule allows me to only do the short course?

The most beneficial and effective of the Fasting Program are the 6 days / 5 nights or more courses. To get the most benefit out of a short course, it would help to eat a light meal or skip a meal before the program and continue with a diet regimen that is not burdensome on the digestive system after the program.

Is it possible to create a Fasting Plan even while on the job?

Yes. Contact our staff for more details.
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Is there Internet access on the premises?

Wi-Fi (wireless internet) is available in all rooms free of charge.

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