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The Fasting Program Step-by-Step

Readjusting your body through a relaxing experience

At Healthpia Kurashiki, carrot juice is the main meal supplement used in the fasting program. A variety of courses are available to facilitate a comfortable fasting experience. Each course is based on the number of days you will be staying with us. Body-exercising courses and Radon Spas are included in the program to ensure an interesting experience throughout your stay.

*Note: Healthpia Kurashiki is not a hospital. Therefore, our program is not covered by health/life insurance.

How to make reservations

Follow the steps below to reserve for the Fasting Program at Healthpia Kurashiki.

STEP1 Make lodging reservations through our reservation site.

Click below and choose the date for lodging to make reservations.

Site for Fasting Health lodging reservations

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STEP2 Read the Consent Form and fill out questionnaire.

Guests participating in the Fasting Program must read and sign the Consent Form upon staying at Healthpia Kurashiki. Also, the Health Questionnaire Form must be answered and sent beforehand. Proceed by clicking below.

Procedures before your stay



Check-in at the counter is required upon arrival.
Healthpia staff will explain the meal plan and facility.

*Pick-up/drop-off service is available to and from JR Shin-Kurashiki Station. Please let us know at the time of reservation.

Starting the Fasting Program

photo:Starting the Fasting Program

The meal on the first day will start with ‘Carrot Juice’. Meals Are scheduled according to your desired course. The dining hall on the 6th floor has a wonderful view of Mizushima City.

Photo: room amenities

Ginger tea, green tea, brown sugar, and salt are available in the rooms. Any of these can be taken at any time.

Photo: advice

Health check-ups plus blood pressure checks will be administered periodically during the program. Advice on health management will also be given by staff.
Please feel free to ask questions.


Photo: health lecture

Lectures on Health

There will be various lectures on health conducted by Dr. Kanemasa, Medical Advisor for the facility.

Photo: Stretch course Walking

Exercise/Yoga Classes, Walking

Limited exercise is also effective during fasting. Fun exercises are planned to keep your body active.

Photo: Kurashiki tourism

Tour of Kurashiki

Free transportation service to/from the facility to Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter is available for those who wish to go sight-seeing. You can enjoy the beautiful site of the old town, with its distinguished white-walled buildings.

Photo: radon bath

Radon Spa

Relax at the Radon Spa, ‘Forte’. This facility has the most effective spa using Radon in all of Japan. The room is set at 38 degrees Celsius, which is a comfortable temperature compared to the usual saunas/stone saunas.
*Participants of the Fasting Program are allowed to have one free Radon Spa experience per day.

Relaxing in your room or at other parts of the facility

Photo: the room

In your room

Enjoy the relaxing scenery from your room. We recommend reading a book or just taking advantage of the opportunity to relax – something you normally cannot do.

Photo: outlook bath

Bath with a View

The upper level bath features a wonderful view and is open every day from 5 p.m.~10 a.m. the next day.

Other programs including sightseeing, relaxation, cultural activities and sports are available to make your relaxing experience enjoyable.

Supplemental Meals

Photo: predation

Supplemental meals serving rice porridge will be provided towards the end of the Program to allow the body to gradually get used to solid foods. (Meals differ according to your chosen Course. See explanation about Course for details.


Photo: Herusupia Kurashiki appearance

Check-out is at 11:00 a.m.
Please enjoy sightseeing at Kurashiki and Okayama during your stay. We look forward to welcoming you again.

If you wish to make reservations or have questions about Fasting

TEL:+81-092-286-7745 (am 9:00~pm 5:00) *Calls will be forwarded through a translator.

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